Your First Visit



A complete health history is taken listing any old injuries or chronic problems, along with any present symptoms you may be experiencing. During the consultation, Dr. Zabrosky will meet with you to discuss your problem and determine how you may be helped by chiropractic care.

A thorough chiropractic, orthopedic and neurological exam will be performed to determine whether or not chiropractic care can help you or if you need to be referred our for further evaluation.

The chiropractic physical is administered by Dr. Zabrosky personally. This ensures that you will receive the highest quality of professional service and attention to the details of your individual needs.

If the examination indicates a need for x-rays, Dr. Zabrosky will send you out immediately following your exam for x-rays.

After the results of the examination, x-rays, and health history have been studied, Dr. Zabrosky will meet with you to discuss your detailed report of findings. These findings will indicate where your problem is and what would be required to correct your particular problem.