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Affordable Care for the Entire Family

You cannot put a price on health. However, obtaining and maintaining good physical health, should not ruin your financial health. It is for this reason that we make the care in our office affordable on almost any budget. With this in mind, the chiropractic care that we offer is the highest quality, yet affordable for you and your entire family. If obtaining and maintaining good health is your priority, we can help. Please read over the sections below for information and options. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at: 630 515-0001.

How Much Does It Cost To Start Care at Zabrosky Chiropractic?

Initial Visit - This one fee includes the initial consultation, chiropractic examination, and report of findings . At our clinic, it costs the same amount for one member of the family to start care, as it does for your entire family.




What About My Insurance?
Does My Plan Cover Your Care?

Short Answer – Yes. At Zabrosky Chiropractic we can accept or match most in-network benefits for your chiropractic coverage. We did a benefit analysis and found that in most cases our cash plan is more affordable than what you would pay with In Network benefits.  Most plans, even the in-network plans, have deductibles and co-payments that we can either match, or actually improve upon. In many cases our care will be more affordable than in your network. Call us for more information about your specific plan and our matching program.