The Pierce Chiropractic Technique

I practice The Pierce Technique because of its measurable, effective and comfortable qualities.

It is measurable in the sense that on every visit, before and after temperature readings of your spine are taken. The temperature measures the infrared heat given off from the skin. Your temperature should be the same from the base of your spine to the top of your neck. If it isn't, it's a good indication that you have subluxations. Of course it is great to hear patients say, “I feel terrific from the adjustment.” However, because you don't feel subluxations, 80% of the time, telling me you are symptom-free does not mean that you are subluxation-free. A temperature reading taken after your adjustment, indicating a change in your temperature, a straighter line or overall warmer temperature, reveals that a correction has indeed been made.

I also objectively measure your progress by demonstrating actual structural improvements of your spine by post-active-care x-rays. If you came to my office with a kyphotic (straight, not normal) neck. It is very likely that, following your active care treatment plan, you will see a near normal curve restored in your neck. Again, telling me you feel good, does not mean that your subluxations are completely eliminated. We want to make sure that you have 100% nerve supply transmitting to all of your muscles and organs. After all, if your spine is restored to its normal structure, the nerves exiting the spine can function at a greater capacity and supply your entire body with the brain function it needs for your body to work most effectively. You will see actual changes in your spine with the Pierce Technique.

Finally, Pierce adjustments are gentle and comfortable for the patient. The adjusting table is specially designed and equipped with drop mechanisms. When an adjustment is rendered, the table releases at the time of the adjustment. The table takes on the force of the adjustment rather than the patient's body. The drop allows for the facets (joints in your vertebra) to gently glide in the direction that needs correcting. The table's headpiece can be rotated, flexed and positioned in the exact direction a correction needs to be made. There is absolutely no twisting or wrenching of the head, neck or spine. There is also no “popping” of the bones. This allows the patient to remain in a relaxed position during an adjustment.

Further, the Pierce adjustment also includes a Logan Basic adjustment. This procedure feels very much like a massage, but is, in fact, a “soft tissue” adjustment. Ligaments and muscles are what keep bones in their proper alignment. By applying a light pressure circularly to the paraspinal muscles and adjacent ligaments in a very deliberate and strategic manner, a domino effect occurs with the vertebrae and they re-align as a result of gently tractioning the adjacent ligaments. Logan Basic also increases relaxation and is a pleasurable procedure.

For the person who has never been under chiropractic care, your first experience will be a pleasurable one. For the person who has had care in the past, you will be amazed with the results you experience with the Pierce Chiropractic Technique.