I have been using the WAVE for the last five years.  On my last test there was a 5.3% increase  in bone density.  My previous scan had shown a 3.4% increase.  Previously it had been 18.6%.  I have also been off of Fosamax for the past 2 years, but there is still a significant increase.  I it an easy way to exercise & having a regular scheduled session 3 times a week helps keep me on target.  The benefits are more that worth the time spent. 

Ann P. 2014


“When I came to see Dr. Z, I had intense pain in my neck and hip.  I had to under go several traction sessions, but kept following Dr. Z.s advice, how I am 90% pain free.  I am making great improvements and recommend Dr. Z regularly.”

Sandra W. 2014


"I was diagnosed with having osteoporosis about 4 or 5 years ago.  My doctor prescribed a medication for the treatment.  I read up on all the side effects and complications that would happen if I took those drugs.  I did not choose to take the prescription due to all those side effects.  I spoke with Dr Zabrosky to see if she could offer any alternative to helping with the osteoporosis..  I should say any natural alternative.  She suggested doing the WAVE 3 times a week for about 11-15 minutes and continuing to take my Calcium & Vitamin D.   By my next scan it was completely reversed to osteopenia and by my next scan it was completely reversed.  I no longer have osteoporosis.  I do the WAVE 2 times a week for 1/2 hour each time & continue my Calcium & Vitamin D. - I would recommend doing the WAVE for anyone who has been diagnosed with osteoporosis and even for those who haven't.  Because if the WAVE can reverse the disease, I'm pretty sure it can benefit a person from never getting it in the first place."

"I view coming 2 times a week as my therapy & treatment to keeping myself healthy and free from this disease and it has just become part of my weekly routine.  If I stop ....what is the alternative!  I will continue the WAVE and highly recommend it to anyone."

Mary C. 2014