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In addition to providing outstanding chiropractic care, Zabrosky Chiropractic & Wellness Center strives to provide other services that benefit our patients’ overall health and wellness. That is why we are proud to be a certified mobile thermal center for Longevity Thermal Centers

What is Thermography?

DITI (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging or Thermography) is a non-invasive diagnostic technique that allows the examiner to visualize and quantify changes in skin surface temperature. An infrared scanning device is used to convert infrared radiation emitted from the skin surface into electrical impulses that are visualized in color on a monitor. This visual image graphically maps the body temperature and is referred to as a thermogram. (Learn more about thermal imaging by clicking here or here to get downloadable brochures.)

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Our Next Thermography Event

Our next Thermography event will be February 7, 2017 from 9:00am to 11:30am.  Please call the office at (630) 515-0001 to schedule your thermogram today!

Please note: Avoid heavy exercise, deodorant, spicy foods, hot beverages, body creams and lotions, gum chewing, and tight-fitting clothing on the day of your thermogram.